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OffGrid Power Solutions


Thirty years experience in designing and deploying integrated standalone solar, hybrid and CDC power systems for telecommunications, oil/gas and rural electrification applications throughout the world.  Applications include power solutions for new sites where utilities are non existent or unreliable, and retrofitting existing sites operating off fossil fuel generators providing a significant reduction in OPEX.

Over 30 Years of Experience

OffGrid Power Solutions has over 30 years experience in design and deploying reliable and economical power solutions in remote or rural regions of the world where the grid is either non existent or unreliable.  OffGrid Power Solutions provides consultancy, design and integration services worldwide for the industrial market's off grid and poor grid power applications.  Power solutions include standalone and hybrid photovoltaic (solar) power systems, mini grid power systems, and CDC power systems where space limitation present itself or in locations where the grid is unreliable (poor grid).


OffGrid Power Solutions Services


Consult and advise on design, integration, component specification, troubleshooting, training and logistical services.  OffGrid Power Solutions is technology and vendor neutral, ensuring your power solution incorporates the most cost effective and reliable design and components.


A reliable and long lasting off grid solar power system begins with an expert and accurate design by an experienced professional.  OffGrid Power Solutions uses its 30 years' industry experience and knowledge of off grid power systems to deliver a power system design referencing IEEE Standards and meeting your specific requirements.


OffGrid Power Solutions contracts with various solar system integrators,  deep cycle battery and control OEMs throughout the world to ensure your power system design is manufactured and integrated to industry standards, and its client's specifications.


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